✅ Want to look and feel your best in 2019?

✅ Want to lose up to 5kg of body fat in the next 6 weeks?

✅ Want to know the most effective ways to get leaner, fitter and stronger?

✅ Want to get in shape without being restricted and sacrificing your social life?

✅ Live or work in Oxford and can train at one of our gyms 3 times a week?

✅ Feel frustrated with your lack of progress over the last few months and not really sure what you can do to turn it around?

✅ Want to train in a friendly, supportive environment under the guidance of our expert coaches?

✅ Want to follow a program that is proven to get long lasting RESULTS?


If your answer is YES, then this is for you.

​​​​​​​I am 100% certain that when you complete this 6 week transformation program you'll feel like a different person both mentally and physically.

You'll no longer feel confused about nutrition, in fact you'll be eating the right foods at the right times without having to think about it, you'll feel confident in your clothes, strong and fit in the gym and energised throughout the day.​​​​​​​

What You Can Expect From The Challenge...


If you take action, stick to the program and don’t get results then we’ll give you ALL of your money back.

✔️ 18 x group personal training sessions (Value £197)

You'll get three sessions a week with some of the best coaches in Liverpool who'll guide you through every part of the program, making sure you're getting everything right and making a real, long-lasting change to your body.

✔️ Flexible nutrition coaching (Value £99) 

We'll guide you step-by-step through a flexible (and extremely effective) approach to nutrition so you can get results without missing social events and feeling like you’re constantly on a "diet".

✔️ Your very own personal coach  (Value £99 per month) 

Your coach will keep you accountable, give you all the support you need so you can get RESULTS without feeling confused and overwhelmed.

✔️ A private gym  (Value Priceless)

You'll never have to wait for equipment.

✔️ A results-focussed training program (Value £39 per month)

You get access to our most effective fat loss training program, which has been proven to get impressive fat loss results with 1000's of people at our gyms

✔️ Our strict 'No D*ckhead' policy (Value Priceless)


You'll always be training in a friendly, enjoyable environment without being judged - anyone who make any other member feel even slightly uncomfortable has their membership cancelled.

✔️ In-person and online support (Value Priceless)

Being part of a group of other like-minded people all pushing for the same thing has a huge part to play in getting impressive results.

✔️ Our Habit Changing System (Value Priceless)

We'll show you the simple process we use for getting rid of bad habits and replacing them with new, winning habits that speed up your progress rather than slowing it down.

✔️ Fitness education (Value £29 per month)

We're going to teach you how to do our job so that on Day 43 you can keep going without our guidance.

✔️ 6-week access (Value £79) 

You'll get full access to Liverpool's fastest growing, premier training facilities (that's us by the way).
That's a total value of well over £700

But we're not going to charge you anything close to that...
In fact, the Summer Special for this 6 Week Transformation Challenge is just £299 £147

That works out at about £24 per week, which in real terms is a takeaway at the weekend or a 45 minute session with a personal trainer.