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Becky, 34

Oxford, Oxfordshire

I’ve been training with Tuffcore since April 2019 the 6 Week case study with Tuffcore has been incredible. I can’t recommend the studio enough. Over the year the results I got speak for themselves - in just 6 weeks I lost 12lbs of weight and a staggering 6 inches around my waste! I trained with Igor for a while now and he has all have a great knowledge of the trade to get the results you’ll seek. To sum Tuffcore up – a great place, great people- staggering RESULTS. What else can you ask for!

Mateusz, 34

Oxford, Oxfordshire

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Olga, 35

Oxford, Oxfordshire

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Success Story

Dear Igor,

Well, I am now 9 months into my training and nutrition regime with you, and wanted to update my testimonial as the results just keep on coming! To think thats what’s been achieved has happened with only 3 sessions per week has amazed me!

Total weight loss now stands at 25lbs, just shy of 2 stones and I have taken 6 inches off my waist. I’m continuing to get stronger, hitting new personal bests in the weights I’m lifting, being very close to hitting 1.5x my body weight on the main compound movements.

Equally amazing though is the change in my physique, which without a doubt is the best shape its ever been in! And to think that I’ve achieved it in just 9 months, having not managed to do it in the preceding 30 years despite all my best efforts to do so. Being a Type II Diabetic, with previously dangerous bleeding behind my eye, and many other negative aspects of my life, I have managed to turn things around and focus on the positives.

I have to give massive thanks for the help, guidance, support and encouragement that yourself have given me enabling me to achieve what I have so far. I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your services and proactively trying to promote your business to friends, family and colleagues at every opportunity I have. May my good results continue to roll in, and at the same time can I wish you continued success for the future of your business.

Success Story

At size 16 I knew I didn’t want to be fat, so in March 2018 I started a macro based diet with Tuffcore support. For a girl who was on a 1200kcal diet for months, and was scared from carbs it was a massive change. The diet is custom made depending on what food you like and enjoy, so it’s very easy to follow and it turns into a whole lifestyle change.

Igor is very helpful, supportive and ready to answer every question. By the end of September I was down to size 10 and now I’m size 8 which I have never been before. Personal Training sessions with Igor are not easy, but you do find the strength even if you think you can’t continue your exercise anymore, and that’s really great. He is always there to help and support you on your journey.

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Success Story

I’ve been utterly impressed with what the team at Tuffcore has helped me to achieve in 3 months. Of course I’ve had to turn up and put the work in, but they’ve made it welcoming, enjoyable, interesting and challenging every time I train. Especially with somebody like me, complete beginner in the fitness world.

They’ve tailored the workouts and diet to what works for me and delivered some excellent results. It’s fair to say that I’m quicker, leaner, stronger and fitter than when I joined. As a guy that did nothing before, went to the gym every day and learn kick boxing skills, that’s a pretty impressive feat. They’ve exceeded my expectations and I‘m honestly excited to see where I’ll be in a further three months!


Success Story

I joined Tuffcore in August 2017. I’d previously been hospitalised with sepsis and pneumonia and my muscles were weak, I was out of shape and didn’t have much confidence in my appearance - I was at the low point!

I have trained with Igor me over the months and given me nutritional advice to help build my strength and trim up my body. Their encouragement and dedication to pushing me during the sessions have been fantastic and along with the other lovely clients I train with, I never want to miss a session! In January I set a goal (well, Igor set it. You don’t have freedom of choice) to lose half a stone and I achieved it!!

I feel so much stronger, leaner and more confident! Thanks Tuffcore.. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Success Story

Starting at Tuffcore in February 2019. Can honestly say coming here has been one of the best things I have ever done (and this comes from someone who didn’t think he would ever say that about a gym). There is a wonderful community of people, and the trainers are fantastic – supportive and inspirational. Their nutrition plans really work, and I’ve lost more than 2 stone. I am the fittest and strongest I have been in nearly 10 years. Thanks!

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